Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sorry for leaving you♥

Hey! It really is me! xx

Erm, I'm unaware of what is going on on Stardoll because I have left. Yes, I have forgotten my Password for Stardoll (opps, clumsy me) so yeah, I cant get on that! I have also forgotten my E-mail password (my stardoll email) so I will try my hardest to get that! I will not be back on Stardoll, just a little checkup! I am trying my best to get onto my Stardoll acc but it's not letting me:L

I have just blocked my Hotmail acc for trying to get the pw.


  1. ohh immi great :P thats not very smart We hope to see you soon!! xxx

  2. Oh what a pity hope you will get back onto ur account