Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hotbuys over priced?

Hello Fellow Stardollers,
Today I was looking at the price of the Rio Hot Buy Uggs and how much I spent on them and I thought to myself, Wow I spent 60 SD for a pair of uggs? That I will wear only once! So I have decided WHO CARES ABOUT THE LABEL? Does it matter if its not a HB? NO! Ok you can understand LE as it a fun thing to collect AND you make a profit! But with HB's you will make at least a 30 SD profit at the max! Thoughts? Comment them! Oh yeah and I will get myself a new banner soon ;) 


  1. Hello. I'm just here to make this a little bit clearer. The blog is locked so only us - the writers - can visit it and see the posts etc.This is because we are having a make-over. I will be making your banner after Jodis ;)

  2. ohh ;) Sorry :)

  3. Hi imogen i love that picture you have on your blogspot profiel!:-)

  4. Ty Jodi! :) My first graphic I ever made on Photoshop :D